We deployed an innovative retail-engineered media solution that saw the campaign exceed expectations, blitzing every target we had set for the campaign at inception...

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” This quote by the renowned marketing guru Seth Godin captures aptly the widely successful “Retire Today” campaign by Detail and Avedia (D & A) and Oak Pensions Limited. While the pension industry experienced a major shift through the Pension Transfer Window initiative by the National Pension Commission (PenCom), leading to several pension firms suffering massive losses in accounts. Armed with the knowledge of foresight and understanding market dynamics, D & A in partnership with Oak Pensions rolled out a communications plan tagged #WeMove to garner and convert new accounts to Oak Pensions, while in the same stride doubling down on their efforts to keep existing customers happy. The campaign as with all other news materials from OAK Pensions got featured on reputable media platforms like Business Day, Thisday and several others. The “Retire Today” campaign clearly set a new bar for success not just for the brand, but for the pension industry at large. According to the Head of Business at Detail and Avedia in a recent press briefing, Oluwatomi Ikenye, “We deployed an innovative retail-engineered media solution that saw the campaign exceed expectations, blitzing every target we had set for the campaign at inception, going far above client projections in terms of reach, engagement and conversion, over-delivering on our promises and setting a new record for the industry.” Speaking further, Ikenye added “while a lot of PR and media agencies run into trouble with influencer marketing, mostly because of poor research, and little understanding of the determinant data, and then end up throwing money around with no actual business results. In our case, through working with insights backed by buyer psychology, we were able to match the right influencer with the right brand which yielded the desired results for the brand.

Oluwatomi Ikenye - Head of Business, Detail and Avedia Limited

Giving us the right kind of digital reach”. Detail and Avedia’s ingenuity and the dedication to excellence led to the production of a creative and customer-centric Radio Ad, with catchy content like, “The Retire Today Song”, which was created in English, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo. The Radio Jingle likewise aired on the top ranked radio stations in Lagos, Abuja, as well as the West, North, East, and Southern parts of the country. The major resultant effect of this was Oak Pensions ending up as the second placed pension firm in the country according to 2020 PenCom ranking, the apex body that regulates the pension industry in Nigeria.

Social media creatives from the Retire Today campaign

Speaking on plans for the year 2021, The Head of Operations at Detail and Avedia, Temitope Igwedinma revealed that the company will be riding on the momentum of 2020 to take new territories this year, consolidate on the victories from last year, and acquire new accounts across other sectors of the economy by providing business oriented solutions. In her words, “our retail backed media strategy and deftness of execution were some of the reasons behind our success last year, and we intend to leverage on them this year. We are already in talks with new partners and we will be launching new campaigns within the first quarter.” “Again, we are pushing the envelope further this year, setting a new pace for the industry through great and innovative work. We will be making major strides in the media and communications industry this year. Some of the bold moves we are making this year, include birthing new products, which will significantly change the PR and media consulting landscape not just in Nigeria but in Africa.” “Also, as a socially conscious organisation, that is not just out to make a profit but to impact lives with every opportunity, we will be driving our giving back to the community initiative more than we have ever done before. In partnership with our parent company The Avuna Group our CSR initiative themed ‘Some Good,’ will intensify efforts this year, especially in areas of educational support for underserved communities, empowerment programs, health aid, Covid-19 related reliefs, socio-economic interventions and capacity building.”