Detail and Avedia is an integrated Business and Media Solutions Consulting agency on a mission to develop incremental value for our clients...

through our unrestricted view of the African business environment – in verifiable ways.

Our expertise has seen us at the forefront of ideation and execution of several causes and conversations across the country, enabled by a vast range of best-in-class insights and talent to help our clients gain clarity, find new inroads into the market and develop innovative solutions.



Retail Solutions

Every clients’ brief is unique in many ways, therefore, we engage retail solutions that are tailor-made for each client.

Product Development
Product Engineering
Customer Targeting Service
Product Distribution
Product Marketing
Market Research

Media Solutions

Our vastly experienced team are always excited to deploy creative and result-driven media solutions that meet our clients’ communications needs.

Strategic Communications
Digital Content Marketing
Brand Management
Social Media

Technology Solutions

We help our clients identify the areas of their business they require to develop in order to successfully and strategically start their digital journey.

Mobile Application Planning/Architecture
Mobile Application UI/UX Design
Mobile Application Branding
Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Revenue Stream
Mobile Application Deployment

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