Avuna Trade is dedicated to improving cross-border business and drive growth in export. 

We look to provide the much needed support for MSMEs involved in export, to see them thrive and scale. This is a cause which we are passionate about. Cross-border trade has its challenges but with vast experience in this space we have modelled processes to provide ease to facilitate global trade. Armed with market intelligence and data, AvTrade provides a wide range of solutions which include finance/credit availment, logistics and compliance in form of an advisory role providing necessary information, legal and documentation support.



Finance & Credit Availment

Credit availment, Improved cash flow, inventory turnover and bottom line.


Goods-in-Transit Insurance and risk analysis.


Improved supply chain management, improved customer rating with top performing clients and the advantage of reaching new markets.


Deep and extensive knowledge of the global market, Reduced compliance costs – penal and default rates, Reduced rejection risks and Cross-border business expertise.

Trade Fund House

Providing international traders with alternative forms financing.


Receivables factoring and debtor financing at the best rates.


Training, export information and market data.

Market Linkage

Find goods or services and list goods or services with verified Request For Quotations.

Trade Fund House

Trade Fund House is a division of Avuna Trade that is dedicated to providing international traders and processors with alternative forms of financing for qualified trade-related and commercial transactions.


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